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An individual can appeal to the AAT for their visa application to be reviewed. Once the appeal is received, an acknowledgement is sent to you and the immigration department is notified. It is important to engage a migration lawyer or agent to increase your chances of winning. The amount charged on cases are different based on the complexity of the matter and level of expertise needed. Reach us to get our rates and make the process easier. Our lawyers are able to formulate persuasive arguments, provide robust legal submission and train you in preparation for the hearing.
Waiting for a review takes a while due to a backlog of cases. In case you would wish to travel in your period of waiting, then it is necessary to check with the AAT about your application status before any travel arrangements. It is also important to ensure that you have a recognized visa that will allow you re-entry after your travel in case it is overseas.

During an AAT hearing the following happens;

  • A delegate from the immigration department provides all relevant documents for the appeal.
  • The applicant gets access to the materials before the AAT in relation to their case.
  • Applicant may make written submissions or provide documentary evidence for review.
  • AAT visa lawyers such as A1 Migration and Visa Solutions may represent you in the preparation and running of your case. Our lawyers will provide written submissions and documentary evidence, and contact the AAT on your behalf. We can also accompany and assist you at the hearing, but we cannot make any oral presentation
  • At the hearing, the presiding member hears the case with the documents and information that have been provided, and makes a decision independently.

You do not have to go through the stress and traumatizing experience alone, reach us today and we will walk with you through it.

The time taken before a hearing is made is based on the visa type. Here are the estimated number of days for various visas .

  • Bridging Visa – 11 calendar days
  • Family Visa – 668 calendar days
  • Nomination/ Sponsor Approval – 892 calendar days
  • Partner Visa – 723 calendar days
  • Permanent Business Visa – 833 calendar days
  • Skill Linked Visa – 427 calendar days
  • Student Cancellation – 344 calendar days
  • Student Refusal – 488 calendar days
  • Temporary Work Visa – 752 calendar days
  • Visitor Visa – 641 calendar days
  • Other Visa – 508 calendar days

Our experience in AAT cases has grown over the years; we have encountered many erroneous decisions by the department, which increases our chances of winning. If you feel your case was prejudiced having resulted in an adverse result, call us and schedule an appointment. Do not give up while we are here just for you.
If you lose at the AAT, your options for further appeal are limited to judicial review and ministerial intervention. Therefore, it is crucial that the best AAT lawyers handle your AAT visa appeal, as it is your only opportunity to argue based on the merits of your case.