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This visa allows Australian employers to offer sponsorship to suitable skilled workers who are in overseas so that they can come to live and work permanently in Australia. The visa is usually a permanent resident visa once granted. The person sponsored is able to stay, work, study and even apply for Australian citizenship as well as sponsor their eligible relatives.

To be eligible for an employer-sponsored visa, three routes can be used;

  • Temporary residency transition where the applicant has held a temporary skilled visa with the given employer, so they now apply for permanent residence.
  • Direct entry whereby an applicant who does not meet requirements for the temporary residence transition is nominated by an employer for permanent residence
  • Labour agreement route whereby an employer who has signed a labour agreement and negotiated with the Australian government nominates an applicant.

Applicants who want to qualify for an employer-sponsored visa have to meet all the other necessary requirements as stipulated by the Australian government. We are ready to help employers apply this visa for their skilled employees.