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We offer immigration legal advice to our clients. We have the best lawyers in the country with immense knowledge and experience in immigration law. Before the process of migration begins, many questions are asked on what type of visa is required, the application process and actions taken to increase the chances of success which creates a lot of confusion. However, you do not have to worry anymore; A1 Migration and Visa Solutions has the best lawyers at your service. Call us today and allow us hold your hand throughout the process. The lawyers offer comprehensive immigration advice based on individual cases. As long as you meet the expected requirements, we guarantee that we will assist you to get your visa.

Our migration experts offer the following during your appointment.

  • Discussion on your migration goals and the expected results
  • Make inquiries so as to determine your suitability for the visa
  • In-depth assessment of your eligibility to the desired visa
  • Clear advice on your visa eligibility
  • All the relevant information available to enable you make an informed decision on the visa options suitable for you, the application processes needed, any documentation required, the time frame expected, your chances of success and the estimated overall cost of the entire process.