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Visa Services

At A1 Migration Visa Solutions, we offer a diverse range of visa services such as:

Appeals and Visa Cancellations

We are aware of how stressful it is to deal with rejected visas by the Department of Immigration. This is the time when you want to have a skilled lawyer to guide you through the process with minimal issues. We will help you through complex process of challenging visa decisions and assist you with filing appeals and finding experienced lawyers to represent you in court.

Section 501 – visa refusals and cancellations

If your visa is refused or cancelled, we can deal with the department on your behalf. We have access to lawyers with the experience to represent you in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Circuit Court.  

Partner Visa

The Australian immigration laws provide opportunities for Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor specific family members or loved ones to enter and remain permanently in Australia. We will help you in this complicated process by giving correct and clear advice to avoid negative outcomes and lengthy delays. 

We work closely with you and your loved ones to make this process as fast and stress free as possible. We assist relatives to obtain career visas, adoption visas, child visas, parent visas, prospective marriage visas, and partner visas.

Employer Sponsored Visa

If you are an Australian employer looking to sponsor skilled workers for your business, we can help you with that process.

If you are already in Australia and have a current or potential employer that wants to sponsor you, we will advise you on how to achieve that. 

If you are overseas and want to be sponsored to work in an Australian business, we can assist you in that process.


At times, permanent residents are not aware that they may need to apply for a resident return visa or Australian citizenship to re-enter or depart Australia. This poses more problems particularly in situations whereby permanent residents are unable to meet the requirements to be conferred citizenship or renew their visa.

There are several ways we can assist you to avoid the revocation of your permanent residency status which includes; appealing and advising the refusal of citizenship on character grounds, appealing or advising on the refusals of citizenships on residence grounds, processing application for citizenship by conferral, descent and under special cases, and renewal of resident return visas.

Skilled Migration (GSM) and Skills Assessments

For skill assessments, our qualification assessment and skills coordinator can give you advice on your prospects for getting skills assessments via VETASSESS, trades recognition Australia, and many other skills assessing organizations.

For General Skilled Migration particularly subclass 190, 189, and 491, Australia is a popular destination for skilled migrants and international students. Nevertheless, it is not easy to navigate Australia’s immigration laws. Our immigration experts can assist you via the skilled visa process to make sure that you end up with the right visa to study and live in Australia. Also, our lawyers have the requisite knowledge to assist students who are seeking visa options and respond properly to visa cancellation notices.

Refugees and Humanitarian

The refugee law of Australia is constantly evolving and is highly complex. So, it is essential to obtain legal advice from experts to ensure your application stands out among the rest. At A1 Migration Visa Solutions, we have robust experience at representing these kinds of applicants both in the immigration detention and Australian community. Regardless of what you need – appealing a negative outcome at the tribunal or lodging a visa application for protection, we are competent to provide you with realistic, clear legal advice for anyone seeking protection in this country.

Tourism and Working Holidays

Although this visa type may appear as a simple and straightforward process, there are occasional issues that may arise which may require professional advice. At A1 Migration Visa Solutions, we can assist you with letting you know your obligations and rights while holding this visa, extending your stay in this country, and helping your relatives and loved ones to apply for sponsored visas (family visitor category) for important events. If you are bothered about overstaying your visa or breaching a visa requirement, you must seek legal advice with immediate effect. Our professional lawyers can immediately address your concerns and make sure that you pursue the best legal remedy.

Distinguished Talent and Entertainment Visas

Regardless of your talents or professions – entertainer, musician, research, academia, sport, art, etc., our immigration experts can help you with the visa process and application. At A1 Migration Visa Solutions, our professionals have robust experience in the music and arts industries and carry a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the creative industries when engaging with government departments.

Investment and Retirement Visas

Australia is a popular destination for self-funded retirees and international investors due to its relaxed lifestyle and commercial opportunities. Our immigration experts can provide quality immigration advice for those that are funding their visas (self-funded retirees) who wish to relocate to Australia after retiring from active service. Note that this set of people must not have dependents. If you want to expand your investment and business activities to this country, you might likely be eligible for a business talent visa or investment and business innovation visa. Our lawyers will guide you through this process for a positive outcome.