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Overseas Partner Visa Applicants can apply from Australia

There is no need for visa runs to other countries for the approval of a partner visa. The Department of Immigration stated that offshore partner visa applicants will have the opportunity for their visas to be approved in Australia from early 2021. Previous regulations made it mandatory for offshore applicants to be present physically to get their visa but due to the difficulty of getting international travel, this option is no longer tenable for many migrants. This implies that the majority of the visa applicants will not have to go back home to receive their visa due to the difficulty of accessing it during the pandemic period. The Department also stated that partners whose visas are about to expire will have the opportunity to stay in the country until they made official changes in early 2021. This will be reflected in the application for other visas; prospective marriage visas, dependent child, adoption, and child visas. If you want to know several visa options available for you, kindly get in touch with one of our agents.